Meethi Zindagi

Sehat Mand Bachay (Healthy Kids)
School Awareness Program

Healthy Kids is a school awareness campaign that is being conducted in schools across 3 major cities of Pakistan, with the aim of making students aware about diabetes and healthy lifestyle.
Awareness is the key to prevention from type 2 diabetes as well as timely diagnosis and proper treatment of type 1 diabetes. It helps save people from delayed diagnosis and improper treatment. .
In conjunction with the Promise of Insulin program, the campaign focuses on outreaching to the students with type 1 diabetes through schools.

Partners, Collaborators & Supporters

  • Federal Directorate of Education (FDE)
  • Federal Government Educational Instutions (FGEI)
  • Mashal Trust
  • SAYA Welfare Society
  • Ali Trust
  • Fazilia Trust Pakistan
  • Ghazali Education Trust
  • National Bank of Pakistan