My name is Pakeeza Awan, a lecturer by profession. I am 45 years old and living with type 2 diabetes. I was diagnosed 5 years ago in year 2016. The cause was genetic coming from my family and I was a kind of expecting it. But still, who loves to be sick? 

So, in the beginning I was afraid and depressed. I went to doctor but only got a common printed chart in red, yellow, and green colors with food items mentioned on it. I was upset that what and how exactly I should act to manage things. I didn’t want to take medicines or insulin etc. but my HBA1c was 9.2 which was obviously very high. My skin was dark, patchy and I couldn’t even walk properly due to weakness and my weight was increasing continuously. It was time for me to decide if I wish to live a healthy life or a helpless life. 

Been into a do or die situation for a while. Meanwhile by talking to a lot of people on various social media pages I came to understand it more clearly that it’s basically a diet and lifestyle problem I need to manage. I started to do experiments on myself and entered in my diary that how exactly different diet combinations were affecting my blood glucose levels. So, I changed my diet and did 2 hours walk a day. I refused to take any medicines despite of the fact that my doctor was insisting. The path I chose was difficult and less travelled by but…. it was my own decision as it was my own life, so I stood by my choice and my own decision. Many of my friends suggested me to take pills and simply forget diet plans but I was still determined. With hard struggle and less than 200 carbohydrates a day after 3 months I got my result as 7.3. This gave me hope to continue my struggle. It raised my spirits and the next HBA1c result came as 6.3 and then 5.6.I lost 14 kg weight during this journey from 62 kg to 48 kg. I even started looking younger. Now I am a little bet relaxed about my carbs counters and receive the results below or around 6 or 6.2. I feel younger, healthier, and energetic. I walk almost 30 minutes five days a week. I always make healthy and natural food choices. I avoid fast and processed foods as much as possible. I have fully understood that it is carbs counter which can infect help me. Less carbs less sugar. I am still without medicines, and I am determined to be without medicines even after 10 years. By the grace of Allah Almighty my all-medical tests are always in perfect ranges. The only problem i faced is eyesight. I wish to support people who are newly diagnosed and are facing that same fear and depression which I felt. Sometimes I feel that a few comforting words can actually work as a ray of hope. 

As i joined multiple groups of diabetes on Facebook I came across Meethi Zindagi. The name itself attracted me so I joined it and i met many more diabuddies. Exactly why I love Meethi Zindagi is the reason that it tries to divert attention of struggling people towards hope and positivity, instead of depressive sharing and tearful thoughts. It focuses on the fact that we are not alone in this fight rather we have thousands of people around us fighting the same battle every day. 

This reason gives me hope every day. Positive thoughts, good activities and being a helping hand to others make the life colorful and worth living.

Never give up and never lose hope.  Remember if you always think negative, the negative will happen to you. Avoid negativity and embrace positivity. The sooner the better.

Stay blessed.

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