Back in the days when I was 6 or 7 years old, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I still remember, me and my brother visited my uncle’s place for a night stay. The initial symptoms before my diagnosis include frequent urination even the episodes to pass urine in bed and a drastic weight loss. So, my parents decided to book an appointment to a family doctor who prescribed a few blood tests. Reflecting back then, I still have visions of the doctor anxiously and in distress covered his head with his hands to see the results of my reports. Consequently, I was being advised to see another doctor for consultation. Most probably an “endocrinologist”.        

“Everyone was sitting very seriously, with grave expressions on their faces. I cannot forget the look on my parent’s and uncle’s face:  An utter wave of anxious expressions that reflected the feeling of distress!”

I don’t exactly remember but the doctor told my parents that I would get an injection for some time and everything would be alright and let’s wait for a miracle. 

Finally I was being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.   

“Alhamdulillah I’m very lucky because my family and friends, all of them, never made me feel that I was different.

Now rewinding on my student life, I was a very active student in school and was fond of outdoor activities. I was among the school’s volleyball, basketball, and softball team and never showed resilience to play outdoor games with people around me.   

“Yes, I faced a lot of issues but nothing stopped me for having fun. My parents never treated me as I was different from other siblings. My father was very protective of me and used to say I’ll be alright, but contrary, I used to make him realize that this will not comfort me. I lived a lovely, fun-filled childhood Alhamdulillah”.

But as life goes by, I was being faced with many of the hurtful experiences that made me doubt my abilities. One of them includes not being selected to get admission in an institute because the administration pointed out that their schedule is very tough and I would not be able to cope with it, which left a feeling of anger/disgust in me.

But life has its ups and downs, to only teach us, lessons valuable for us I believe. This was one of my downs on my way up to the top.

I, continued my educational journey, keeping aside all other negativities on my way. Time flew by and my mother started looking for a groom for me. This phase of my life had its harsh reality checks and one of them was people who seemed nice and well educated simply rejected my proposal because of diabetes. Sigh…! That’s one of the harsh realities of our culture.

Sooner one of the families, who came for me had a background of medical health profession, they seemed interested but after knowing the fact they never contacted back. Rest aside, I got married!  

“My husband, and in-laws, are very supportive and loving .I am grateful to ALLAH for this blessing. Every member in the family knows how to help me during my hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, during diabetes management. But whenever I have hypos they all know how to support me”. 

Moving down the memory lane… I conceived when I was 32 years old  Diabetes and pregnancy was one of the most challenging journey I travelled so far. I still remember visiting Karachi to my parent’s house when I called up my husband to deliver this great news! Everyone seemed so happy to welcome the first child from both sides.

“I thank Allah now that I was in Karachi during my pregnancy because it was not easy.  I had no idea that because of the hormonal changes in my body my BS would fluctuate so much. At one moment I would be standing talking the next I would be on the floor screaming.  Then the BS would shoot up as high as above 450 mg. I was so worried!”

During my every visit to the gynecologist I, used to be shaken as the doctor would scold me because of my uncontrolled glucose. Additionally, not being able to eat properly I was shifted on food supplements. There were many doctors with whom I consulted at that time to get my BG levels under control but failed, but finally went back to my doctor as he knew my history and got better.  

I still remember how my husband stayed by my side during this hard phase. Waking up 3 in the morning to make a cup of food supplement to help me prevent my hypos before hands. 

My pregnancy journey with diabetes was very complicated  and challenging but it left me with a lot of doubts, fears and struggles which with the support of my family, especially husband along with my own will to overcome everything bravely, turned out in the form of a blessing I ever prayed for.

Now, I am a mother of a healthy beautiful baby boy! “ Allah works in mysterious ways”.  

“I still get jitters thinking about my pregnancy journey but I can’t thank Allah enough for the reward HE has blessed me with”.

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