10Mar, 2021

Efficiency and Management Conquers All

It was a normal morning of June 18, 2019. I was preparing for a minor surgical procedure in a nearby hospital. As protocol, before any surgical procedure my blood pressure and blood glucose levels were checked and to my surprise, my blood glucose levels were 404 mg/dl. My family doctor and all his staff were […]

03Mar, 2021

My Tale of Diabetes in the Era of Unacceptance

My diabetes diagnosis came during the summer of 1996. I had turned 15 a few weeks earlier and the telltale signs had started creeping in a little before then. Things like massive weight loss, despite regular appetite (where my clothes were looser as opposed to “fitting better”), increased thirst and inexplainable lethargy were taken as […]

03Mar, 2021

Unstoppable Trekking Victory with Diabetes

A girl managed to trek to the highest point of Kashmir, destroying all the socially built taboos for the people living with diabetes. Sobia Syed, one of the peer leaders of Meethi Zindagi’s Peer Support, decided to trek to Gilgit through Kashmir with a group of trekkers. It was her first trekking experience on that […]