Meethi Zindagi

Sehat Mand Bachay (Healthy Kids)
School Awareness Program

Healthy Kids is a school awareness campaign that is being conducted in schools across 3 major cities of Pakistan, with the aim of making students aware about diabetes and healthy lifestyle.
Awareness is the key to prevention from type2 diabetes as well as timely diagnosis and proper treatment of any type of diabetes. It helps save people from delayed diagnosis and improper treatment. .
In conjunction with the Promise of Insulin program, the campaign focuses on outreaching to the students with type 1 diabetes through schools.

Partners, Collaborators & Supporters

  • Federal Directorate of Education (FDE)
  • Federal Government Educational Instutions (FGEI)
  • Mashal Trust
  • SAYA Welfare Society
  • Ali Trust
  • Fazilia Trust Pakistan
  • Ghazali Education Trust
  • National Bank of Pakistan