Meethi Zindagi

Promise of Insulin

A Pledge to Save Lives!

10% of the 422 Millin people with diabetes rely on insulin, just like you rely on oxygen. Their pancreas does not produce insulin. They will die without external insulin.

Insulin is a life-saving medication; it should not be a privilege for a few.

Meethi Zindagi seeks to personalized healthcare to the underprivileged children with type 1 diabetes, on the similar standards as provided to those affording private care, thereby reducing the gap between the care provided to the rich and the poor. Our collaborating doctors are free to analyze and prescribe whichever medication they presume to be best for these children. The support package includes insulin, test strips, glucometers, psychologocal and social support and seld management education!
But we don’t stop here! We improve their health and well-being, while ensuring school education to ensure bright futures!
Promise of Insulin, as one of its pre-conditions, requires school enrollment for the supported children. Resultantly, our supported children will have improved economic productivity to support their own medical care, once they reach adulthood. Each and every one of the children supported till now, has joined school if they weren’t already going to one! Most of these children can accept donations from your zakat as well. Support a child today!

Starting with a 100 children in/around 3 major cities of Pakistan (Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore), the project aims to support 5000 deserving children with type 1 diabetes throughout Pakistan within 5 years’ time. Doctors across the cities are collaborators in the project.