Meethi Zindagi

Peer Support Diabetes Retreats (DTreats) & Peer Led Communities

Meethi Zindagi, at the very core of its philosophy, believes in peer support. Empowerment and education provided by peers in supported communities is shown by various studies to be much more effective than treatment alone. “We sail in the same boat, we speak the same words, we have the same feelings”, is what makes a peer supported community much more confident, with lesser depression, higher self-esteem and improved adherence to therapy.

Meethi Zindagi trains young people for providing peer support to the type 1 diabetes community and their loved ones through a structured, on-hands training program. The peer support group utilizes social media platforms as well as in person club meetings and Diabetes Retreats (DTreats) for providing psychosocial care to the diabetes community. A major emphasis of peer support activities is practical diabetes education and empowerment, especially for young girls.
During DTreats, participants get involved in hands on carb counting as part of our efforts for imparting practical diabetes education and nutrition information. The support is continued 24/7 through online peer support groups.

Peer Leaders

  • Annum Khan - Peer Leader Manager
  • Umar Ali Baqvi - Team Lead South
  • Sobia Aziz - Team Lead Central
  • Mariam Alam - Team Lead North
  • Amna Faizan - Team Lead Parents Group
  • Utaibah Naseer
  • Fatima Omer
  • Muhammad Husnain