Meethi Zindagi

Education Through Sports:

While the misconceptions and improperly managed type 1 diabetes leads to fears about getting involved in sports activities, we empower the type 1 community to play! Sports is an effective way to train them for physical activity, for handling emergency situations as well as for raising their self-esteem and boost confidence.

Our sports trainings are backed with diabetes management education, based on international guidelines

League of DiAthletes Sports Clinics:

Meethi Zindagi is a partner with the League of DiAthletes (LoD), and conducts LoD signature sports clinics for imparting diabetes management education in an unconventional fun way. Our sports clinics are conducted by people trained by the LoD for ensuring safety and effectiveness.

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We Can Play- Sports Day

Meethi Zindagi’s sports team showed its talent for cricket, football, races, tug of war and heavy weight lifting! 5 schools participated in the event. The event was conducted by Meethi Zindagi and Novo Nordisk Pakistan and was attended by 500 children from 5 different schools of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. In the words of Maryam Alam, living with type 1 diabetes and a first time participant of such a training I have never felt so confident in my life before this.

The effect of diabetes on confidence level and self-esteem of young people can be very negative. Sports are the best way to make them feel happy and confident and to teach them life skills necessary for living with type 1 diabetes.

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Knock out Diabetes with Uloomi Karim

Boxing is a great way to vent out frustrations and to feel the strength inside you!

Li-Ning and Uloomi Karim, Pakistan’s no. 1 MMA boxer trained our selected young type 1s for knocking out diabetes! Blood sugar level management education accompanied the self defense and workout training .

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T1D Deep Sea Challenge

Internationally, till a few years back, people with type 1 diabetes were not permitted to dive. Recently, guidelines on scuba diving with type 1 diabetes were published, which were followed by our type 1 team, who took scuba diving up as a challenge. At Churna Island near Karachi, looked after by a team of trained divers from Divers Reef Club, 16 type 1s were coupled with 16 family members to take the dive!

90% of the time, every one of our team had blood sugar levels in range, without a single emergency episode.